Cab Racks 


These Cab Racks were made by Brunner Fabrications. There are a variety of options and styles. 


Pro-Tech Diamond Plated Cab Rack with our own fabricated light bar bracket & panel at the top of the cab rack, to modify the height of the light bar. 

12 Ga Customs - Bumpers 

There are a variety of styles offered. You can customize them however you want.  Light holes, recessed plate, tow hook holes, bolt on or blind mount. 

Box End, Blind Mount Bumper 


Box End, Blind Mount w/ Recessed Plate & Tow Hook Holes.  


Texas, Blind Mount Bumper 

 Blind Mount, Box End Tapered.  The plate is mounted on a stainless swing plate, separate from the bumper.

12 Ga. Customs -Visors 

Reverse Bow Tie, Brushed Stainless (paintable) Visor

Mighty Wicked, Brushed Stainless (mighty wicked pops out a few inches from the windshield and gives the appearance of a forward bow tie style. 

12 Ga. Customs - Battery Box & Tool Box

b att box ight.PNG
batt box lite.PNG

Stainless Steel Battery & Tool Box Covers. You can get these plain, custom engraved / custom logo, lettering with LED back lighting. 

Recessed/Flush Mount Air Line Boxes


Tail Light Panels

upside down t bar.PNG

Lift & Flip Bumper Kits

Lift Bumper 

Lincoln Chrome 

Flip Bumper 

Dynaflex Exhaust


Check out the Vendors websites. Pick out what you want and call us!